Wash your hands of your old working refrigerator and/or freezer and start to save on your electric bills. We pick up the appliances for free and send them to be recycled.

Schedule a pickup online or call 877-545-4112 now to receive your $40.

Save Money

We pick up your appliance for free, give you $40, and you save up to $150 per year on energy costs by discontinuing the use of a second refrigerator or freezer.

Save Energy

Old refrigerators can use 2-3 times more energy than new high-efficiency models.

Be Green

Nearly 100% of your old refrigerator’s components are reused rather than going to the landfill. Plus, the toxins and ozone-destroying materials are disposed of safely.


  1. You must be a DP&L residential customer.
  2. The refrigerator or freezer must be empty and in working condition.
  3. The unit must be 10-30 cubic feet in size.
  4. There must be a clear path to access and to remove your appliance.
  5. The owner of the appliance must give permission for it to be picked up and recycled.

*Energy savings based on industry averages. Your actual savings may vary.