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COVID-19 Operations Changes

Learn how we're continuing to power our communities while keeping our employees and customers safe.

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We recognize how essential the service we provide is and are committed to delivering the safe, reliable power you deserve as we all navigate adjustments in our daily lives due to the continued spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Power Outages

Crews will continue to respond to power outages and electrical emergencies. We understand that with so many customers at home, you are more sensitive to power outages. If you experience a power outage, please visit our Outage Center to report it and stay informed of your status. We recommend that you prepare an emergency outage kit and review your outage plan to see if changes are needed. DP&L crews work around the clock to quickly and safely restore your power during an outage.

Service Connections

DP&L technicians and contractors will continue to complete service orders such as new electric connections, requested disconnections, and reconnection of service. If technicians need to interact with customers in-person, such as in an emergency, they will follow the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s safety guidelines, including social distancing. Reconnections will not be completed if a hazardous condition exists.


DP&L offers three types of pay agreements to help customers:


  • 1/9 Pay Agreement: We'll divide your past due balance in 9 equal payments, and add that to our estimate of your next 9 bills to calculate 9 equal monthly payments. Since we're estimating your monthly bill amount, it's possible that you may have a credit or balance remaining after your Pay Agreement is complete. This amount will be applied to the next bill following completion of your Pay Agreement.
  • 1/6 Pay Agreement: We'll divide your past due balance over your next 6 bills and add it to your regular monthly payments. Your balance will be paid upon completion of the Pay Agreement.
  • Winter Heating Plan: Available to DP&L customers for bills that include usage from November 1 through April 15. During this time, you may avoid disconnection by paying 1/3 of your balance due to DP&L each month. Upon completion of your Winter Heating Plan you can enter into another Pay Agreement to pay off your remaining balance.
We also recommend that customers avoid making payments at our Pay-in-Person locations to limit in-person contact, and take advantage of our convenient online payment options, where customers can make free payments using their bank account, credit or debit cards. 


Changing How We Work

DP&L is closely monitoring updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization, and we remain in contact with our state and local officials. DP&L has activated its emergency business continuity response plan.

Across DP&L, we are flexing our work-at-home capabilities, responding to the needs of our teams, assuring our supply chains, insulating our operational centers and staying informed about developments so we can modify our plans quickly and effectively. We continue to educate and provide guidance to our teams, encouraging them to exercise the prescribed precautionary health and safety measures to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.