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Send DP&L Your Meter Reading

Please submit your meter reading each month to ensure accurate billing while meter reading is suspended.

Submit Your Meter Reading
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DP&L is taking all precautionary measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, including not sending meter readers door-to-door to read meters. DP&L is asking our customers who do not have automated meters to self-report meter readings to avoid large billing discrepancies.

While DP&L is offering relief to help customers facing financial challenges during the COVID-19 crisis, customers will be responsible to pay for energy used in this period. While DP&L can estimate most meter readings, your energy usage patterns are probably changing. By submitting your readings, you will help us provide accurate bills and potentially avoid further financial hardship.

There are several scenarios we would like to help customers avoid:

  • Some customers, especially small businesses, may not be operating at this time. However, their estimated readings will be based on historical usage that would typically be much higher. By providing your meter reading, we can avoid billing you for more energy than you’re actually using during the period.
  • Other customers, such as residential customers or business customers who have had to ramp up essential operations, may be using more energy at this time. Our estimates will be low for the period, so once meter reading resumes, the catch-up bill will be higher than usual.
  • Net meters - for customers with solar panels or other distributed generation – cannot be estimated. If we do not receive meter readings for these customers, their billing will be interrupted, and they will have a large bill once meter reading resumes.

DP&L is emailing and calling customers to remind you when it’s time to send your meter reading. To make sure you receive these helpful reminders, please sign into MyDP&L and verify that your email address and phone number are up to date. If you don’t have a MyDP&L profile, creating one is quick and easy, you just need your account number and zip code to get started.

How to Send Your Meter Reading

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for customers to submit their meter readings. It’s as easy as click, tap, send. We recommend using your mobile device (if available) to take a photo and send to us. We have multiple options, please choose the option that works best for you.

  • 1. Click - Take a photo of your meter
    Please see photos below with instructions to learn what information we will need to see on the meter. If you are using a regular camera, please download the image to your computer then use the Meter Reading Form to upload the image file. Photos should be JPEG or PNG format and less than 7MB each.
  • 2. Tap - Upload your photo
    Go to our Meter Reading form and tap the upload button to send us your photo. Or, if we sent you an email reminder, simply reply to our email and attach your meter photo(s).
  • 3. Send
    If you're using our Meter Reading Form, please enter your email address in case we have any followup questions or problems viewing your image, then click send. If you're replying by email, just click send.

If you do not have access to the internet, you may also call in your meter reading. Please be sure to note the kWh reading and meter number highlighted in the examples below. Residential customers can call 800-433-8500 and business customers call 800-253-5801.

How to Read Your Meter

DP&L uses a variety of meter models to serve our 525,000 customers. In general, your meter will have either a digital or dial interface. Your meter may not look exactly like our examples below.

The two values we need to see in your photo(s) are:

  • kWh Reading – This is the measure of how much energy you have used.
  • Meter Number – We will use this number to associate the meter reading with your DP&L account.

We understand that conditions may not be ideal when taking your photo. Sun glare, fog in the meter case, and meter tags obstructing the view may make this task difficult. If you are unable to capture both numbers in your photo, please note the value in the comment field on the form. If your meter number is difficult to read, please enter your service address in the comment field as well.

DP&L will assume your meter was read on the date the photo is submitted. If it was taken on a different date, please note this in the comment field.

Please select your meter type below to view the instructions. As a reminder, you do not need to enter the reading values if they can be read in your photograph. The reading values are explained in the examples below to clarify the numbers DP&L will look for in your photo(s).