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Construction Process

What to expect in the construction process.

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You submitted your application. What happens next?

There are 4 primary steps in our construction process: Application, Design, Invoicing and Construction. DP&L will be in communication with you during each step. Additional steps may be involved, depending on the project (for example, DP&L may request/require an easement for your project).

1. Application

Complete and submit the appropriate construction application for your project. It is important that applications are completed in full. All information is necessary to complete your project in a timely manner.

Our Construction Control Center (CCC) will process your application and provide acknowledgement of receipt by email (if provided) or U.S. mail. If a security deposit is required, the CCC will also issue notice of the deposit shortly after intake.

2. Design

The project will be assigned to a DP&L engineer to be designed. You or your electrician will be contacted during this step. Design time is dependent on engineering workload, job complexity and timeliness of customer decisions.

3. Invoicing

Any one-time charges (also known as "aid-to-construction fees") will be invoiced to you by mail or email if an address is provided.

4. Construction

Once payment is received, along with any necessary agreements, inspections and other required documents, the project will be released for construction. Please work with the assigned DP&L Project Manager for scheduling and coordination. Construction typically begins 3-4 weeks after payment and documentation is received.

DP&L customer service agent

Questions? Call the Construction Control Center:


Toll free 800-424-5578 or send us an email

Staff available 8am-5pm Mon-Fri