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Security Deposit Information

A refundable deposit may be required to establish DP&L service.

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⚠️ In an effort to assist customers through the COVID-19 crisis, DP&L is waiving the up-front requirement for customers to pay a security deposit before connecting service. Instead, the deposit will be charged on the first monthly bill.


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Sometimes we have to ask for a security deposit to ensure that unpaid bills do not become a burden for all customers. The deposit is usually a little more than the average monthly bill.

Who pays a security deposit?

A security deposit may be required if you have never had DP&L service.

Current customers may also be assessed a security deposit if they:

  • Have a past due balance and do not make full payment or enter into a Pay Agreement to bring their account to good standing.
  • Have been disconnected for nonpayment, fraud, meter tampering or unauthorized reconnection.

When will I get it back?

If you maintain a good payment record for one year (for residential customers) or two years (for business customers), the full deposit amount plus interest will be credited to your account. The customer of record is responsible for paying the DP&L bill.

Can it be waived?

The deposit can be waived if there is a guarantor on the account or with a letter of credit from another utility company for new residential applicants. A letter of credit from another utility must be on the service provider’s letterhead and state:

  • the account open and close dates the number of late payments during the last 12 months of service (if none, write "zero")
  • the number of disconnection notices during the last 12 months of service (if none, write "zero")
  • the number of disconnections due to non-payment during the last 12 months of service (if none, write "zero")
  • Please note that a letter of credit cannot be used to waive a deposit for business customers.

Past Due Balances Must Be Paid

Customers must pay any past due balances from current or previous addresses before re-establishing DP&L service at a new location.

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