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Budget Billing

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When you know what to expect, it's easier to plan your budget.

Balance Out the Highs and Lows

You can have a predictable energy bill by enrolling in DP&L's Budget Billing program. It evens out seasonal highs and lows so you pay the same amount each month.

How it Works

  • DP&L calculates your unique Budget Billing amount based on your location's historical usage.
  • You will be billed the same amount each month. In August, we will "settle up" with either a credit or balance due.
  • On every bill, you will see how much energy you actually used and the cost, which may be more or less than the amount you pay that month on the budget plan.
  • If necessary, DP&L will make adjustments after the winter heating season to help avoid large settle-up balances in August.

Who Qualifies

  • DP&L residential and business customers who are current on their payments
  • Your location must have at least six months of usage history
  • When you enroll, your budget payment will begin with your next monthly billing statement

How to Start

Additional Information

  • If you are with a different supplier, DP&L can only budget the delivery portion of your bill. Contact your supplier to learn about budget billing options for the supply portion of your bill. Learn more about the parts of your bill.
  • We recommend that you have 12 months of usage history at your location prior to signing up for budget billing.
  • If you just moved in and request budget billing, your amount will be based on the previous occupant's usage. You may wish to establish your own usage history before you enter into Budget Billing.
  • Once enrolled, you will see a new "Budget Summary" section on the top of your billing statement, just below your account summary.



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