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Report Your Net Meter Reading

Please submit your net meter reading each month to avoid a large bill after the COVID-19 crisis.

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Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has issued an order to utility companies suspending all in-person meter readings while we operate under the State of Emergency. DP&L is asking our net metering customers to self-report meter readings to avoid an interruption of monthly billing.

While DP&L is offering support to help customers facing financial challenges during the COVID-19 crisis, customers will be responsible to pay for energy used during this period. By following the instructions below to report your meter readings, this quick task will ensure regular billing and will help you avoid a large bill once we are able to resume meter reading.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this difficult time.

How to Read Your Net Meter

Your meter reading values can be found in the center of your meter face. DP&L will need three values, see the photos below for reference. Please be sure to note the date and time when you collect your meter reading.

net meter reading 1
Reading 1 - Delivered kWh
Look for the number 1 at the far left. Record the numbers in the center.
Reading one in this example would be 35517.
net meter reading 2
Reading 2 - Delivered KW Demand
Look for the number 2 at the far left. Record the numbers in the center.
Reading 2 in this example would be 9.466.
net meter reading 3
Reading 3 - Received kWh
Look for the number 3 at the far left. Record the numbers in the center.
Reading 3 in this example would be 788.

How to Submit Your Net Meter Readings

DP&L is currently offering two options to submit your net meter readings - by phone or by email.

  • Call us at 800-433-8500 and speak with a customer service agent to provide your meter reading information.
  • Send us an email through the form at

If you are submitting your meter reading on our email form, please complete all fields, including your name, account number and service address. In the message box, please include the following details:

  • Indicate you are submitting a Net Meter Reading
  • Meter reading time and date
  • Reading 1 - Delivered kWh value
  • Reading 2 - Delivered KW value
  • Reading 3 - Received kWh value

If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Please call us at 800-433-8500 or send us an email at