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Banner Attachment Requests

Information for communities requesting to attach banners to DP&L poles.

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Many communities use flag or banner attachments on utility poles as a means to communicate with residents and beautify neighborhoods. Government entities served by DP&L may attach temporary banners or decorations to DP&L poles, as long as they comply with specifications to ensure the safety of the community and the integrity of DP&L equipment.

Seasonal Banner Attachment Specifications

  • "Seasonal attachments" refer to flags, banners or temporary attachments that are in place for 180 days per year or less. Any attachment in place longer than 180 days will be considered a permanent attachment and subject to Joint Use rules and fees. Please email us with questions if you're not sure which type of attachment agreement is appropriate.
  • Government entities must submit a completed Seasonal Banner Agreement a minimum of 60 days in advance of hanging seasonal attachments and receive authorization from DP&L.
  • Seasonal attachments are only allowed on poles that are truck-accessible from a road, alley or parking lot.
  • Only one attachment can be installed on each pole; it is preferred that the attachment is located on the road-side of the pole.
  • Seasonal attachments may only be attached with bracket banding; absolutely no holes can be made in a DP&L pole.
  • Seasonal attachments that require electrical service are not permitted.
  • Seasonal attachments cannot be installed on steel towers or on riser or airbreak poles.
  • Banners or attachments must meet size specifications and should be attached in locations meeting the current National Electric Safety Code clearance requirement.

How to Apply

Additional details and specifications, including a diagram clarifying appropriate placement on poles, can be found in the Seasonal Attachment Packet available below.

To apply, government entities should:

  1. Download the Seasonal Banner Attachment Packet.
  2. Review and understand all specifications outlined in the packet.
  3. Complete the Seasonal Banner Agreement (pages 3-5).
  4. Email the completed Agreement to DP&L at


We're here to help. Please send us an email and our team will respond in a timely manner.

DP&L will review your banner application as quickly as possible, but due to application volume it may take up to 60 days to receive application approval. Please allow extra time for review if at all possible.

Please note, only government entities served by Dayton Power & Light may apply. If another organization would like to attach banners to DP&L poles, they will need to contact the local government entity to coordinate the request.