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Tree Trimming

DP&L works year-round to remove dangerous limbs near power lines to improve the safety and reliability of your electric service.

Trees and limbs falling on overhead utility lines during storms are among the most common causes of power outages.

Each year DP&L’s line clearance operation trims trees along 2,100 miles of overhead power lines. Why do we do this? It’s simple: to reduce outages for customers and to protect our infrastructure from damage.

Tree Trimming Resources


What to Expect

Is tree trimming scheduled in your area? Learn more about DP&L’s line clearance process.


Emergency Trimming

During power outages and emergencies, our focus is on restoring power to customers as quickly and safely as possible.


Utility-Friendly Trees

By selecting the right tree and planting it in the right place, you can help reduce power outages for you and your neighbors.


Maintaining Trees on Your Property

Weak and dying trees pose a danger to you, your neighbors, and your electric service. Know the signs.


Tree Trimming Contractors

DP&L contracts line clearance work to professional tree-trimming companies.