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Instant Discounts on Efficient Products

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⚠️ In compliance with Ohio House Bill 6, DP&L's mandated energy efficiency programs will end by December 31, 2020. Learn More › 


Discounted purchases must be made at participating distributors by September 30, 2020. 


No applications, no hassle. Receive instant, point-of-sale discounts on efficient equipment from our preferred distributors.


Instant discounts are an option for companies making energy efficiency upgrades to save money and energy. Unlike our Rapid Rebates®, the discounts are instant and do not require an application.

This program is ideal for our business customers who purchase equipment over-the-counter, or who make small-scale upgrades and may not want to take the time to submit a rebate application.

How it Works

  • In-store discounts are available on a variety of efficient lighting equipment and variable frequency drives.
  • Shop for energy-efficient equipment at a participating distributor near you.
  • Equipment eligible for discounts varies by location; ask your distributor for specific products offered at its location.
  • Equipment discounted through this program will not be eligible for additional DP&L rebates.

Who Qualifies

  • Discounts are only available to DP&L business customers or contractors installing equipment in DP&L business customer facilities.
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