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New Features Just Released

We are continuously working to create new online options and improve our customer experience. New MyDP&L features recently released include:

  • View Budget Billing amount and enroll online.
  • Customers with past due balances can enroll in Pay Agreements to help them get caught up.
  • Manage Electric Choice options, including cancelling new enrollments, returning to DP&L standard offer rate, and removing your name from the supplier contact list.
  • Support for "non-premise" accounts, such as Summary Bills for businesses, street lights and secondary buildings without a service address. 

Take control of your account online

Create a MyDP&L profile to manage your account online on any device. Your MyDP&L profile will give you access to:

  • DP&L E-Bill electronic billing features
  • View your current bill and up to 24 months of billing history
  • View and download up to 24 months of payment history
  • View and download up to 24 months of usage history
  • Manage multiple service accounts on a single profile

It's easy to create a MyDP&L profile, you just need your account number and zip code to sign up!


Create a MyDP&L Profile


Frequently Asked Questions

MyDP&L Profile Questions

Do I have to sign up to receive my bills via email to create a MyDP&L profile?

No. Signing up for MyDP&L does not enroll you in DP&L's E-Bill service to receive your bills electronically. You will have the ability to view your bills online with your MyDP&L profile, but will not stop receiving paper bills in the mail unless you sign up for E-Bill.

It says my service account is already assigned to a MyDP&L profile. What should I do?

If you have a joint account with a spouse, friend or family member, check with that person to see if he/she already created a MyDP&L profile. A DP&L service account can only be associated with one MyDP&L profile.

If your other authorized user did not create a MyDP&L profile for your service account, please call our Customer Solutions Center at 800-433-8500.

Can I add more than one DP&L service account to my MyDP&L profile?

Yes. Once you complete the process of creating your MyDP&L profile, you will have the option to add another DP&L account to your profile. You can add or remove DP&L accounts from your profile under Manage Profile once you’re logged into MyDP&L. Removing a DP&L account from your MyDP&L profile will not stop service at that address. 

Can two people add a single DP&L account to their MyDP&L profiles?

No, a DP&L service account may only be added to one MyDP&L profile.


Payments on MyDP&L

How can I make payments on MyDP&L?

Automatic Payments

The easiest way to pay your E-Bill is to enroll in Automatic Payments, where you have your bill automatically deducted from your bank account each month on the due date. There is no fee to do this. DP&L E-Bill customers can sign up under Payments > Automatic Payments when logged in to MyDP&L. You will receive an email notification each month notifying you of the deduction.

Customers who are not enrolled in DP&L E-Bill can complete this form available under Automatic Payment Plans at this link to have funds automatically withdrawn. Customers who sign up manually will not receive an email notification each month.

One-Time Payments

You can also make a one-time payment online or pay by mail or a payment agent. If you pay by mail or at an agent, please be sure to include a print out of your DP&L bill stub with your payment or else we will be unable to process your payment.

If you are currently a DP&L Automatic Payment Plan customer, there is no need to sign up for recurring payments. Payments will continue to be deducted on the due date.

Can I use my credit or debit card to pay my bill?

Yes, you can pay online by credit card using Kubra EZ-Pay when you login to MyDP&L, or via Western Union Speedpay. Both services charge a convenience fee for this service. DP&L does not benefit from this fee.

You can also use MyDP&L to pay online through a bank account free of charge by selecting to pay with your checking or savings account.