Take the surprise out of your DP&L bill by paying the same amount each month. Your unique Budget Billing amount is based on your location’s historical usage and is periodically adjusted to reflect abnormal weather conditions or changes in your usage patterns.

Select the button below to sign into MyDP&L. Once you login, you'll see your monthly budget payment amount and can enroll in seconds. Or, give us a call at 800-433-8500 to hear your monthly budget amount and enroll over the phone. Select 2 for Billing & Payments. 

Enroll in Budget Billing

How does my bill change when I sign up for Budget Billing?

Your budget bill will have a new "Budget Summary" section on the top, just below your account summary.

Your Budget Summary will indicate the amount due on your current statement. Be sure to note your Total Account Balance throughout the year to know if you'll receive a credit or have a balance due when budget bill amounts are reviewed.   

When does my budget bill amount change?

Budget bill amounts for all customers are reviewed every August and after the winter season. If necessary, the budget amount is corrected after the winter season to avoid a large annual adjustment in August. The winter, midseason review and annual August review take into consideration the winter and summer temperatures, as well as the costs for fuel to provide your power.

You will pay the budget bill amount on your bill starting in September and in the following months through July. Your August bill will reflect any difference between what you paid on budget bill and what your bill would have been. If you used more electricity than in the past, you would pay the difference in August. This allows you to return to a zero account balance every year and remain in the Budget Billing plan.

How is the new budget bill amount determined?

The revised amount is based on your account balance and the projected usage in the remaining months until the next adjustment. These figures are added together to come up with a new budget amount. Your actual monthly bill amount and account balance always appear on your bill, even though your budget bill payment may be lower.

Don’t the budget bill amounts stay the same for a year?

That depends on your usage of electricity and the costs to supply your electricity. Twice a year DP&L performs a review of customers’ budget bill amounts. We have found that customers prefer more than one adjustment to keep the annual August adjustment lower.

When you receive your new budget bill amount in September, there is a bill message stating, “We will continue to review your budget amount and make adjustments if necessary.” You can always keep track of what kind of adjustment to expect by reviewing the account balance printed on every bill.

What do I need to know about signing up for budget bill?

We recommend that you have 12 months of usage history at your location prior to signing up for budget bill.

If you just moved in and request budget billing, your amount would be based on the previous occupant’s usage. You may wish to establish your own usage history before you enter into Budget Billing.

If there is no past usage for your location (for example, if you moved into a newly constructed home or building, or a previously vacant location), you would not be able to sign up for Budget Billing until you have at least 6 months of billing history. While we will allow you to set up Budget Billing after 6 months, we find a full 12 months of personal usage provides a better experience for our customers.

However, you may sign up for budget bill at any time. The only requirements are that you are current on your payments and the location has at least 6 months of usage history.