Understanding your electric bill can help you better manage your energy usage and costs.

We recently made improvements to your electric bill to give you easy access to power your life with the information that's important to you - clear, fast and easy.


Get started:

  • How to Read Your Bill

    View a diagram and explanation of the different parts of your electric bill.

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  • Demand for Your Business

    Why is there a demand charge on my bill?

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  • Summary Billing for Your Business

    A free and convenient way to pay multiple accounts with one summarized monthly bill.

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  • Ohio Electric Choice

    Electric Choice gives you the ability to choose who supplies the generation of your electricity.

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  • Residential Bill Calculation Spreadsheet

    Use our bill calculation spreadsheet to better understand the DP&L charges that make up your bill.

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  • Commercial Bill Calculator Guides

    Use our bill calculator guides to better understand the DP&L charges that make up your commercial electric bill.

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  • Using Tariffs

    How you can use tariffs to calculate your bill.

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  • Cold Weather Affects Your Bill

    Five useful resources to help with winter electricity bills.

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  • Monthly Bill Inserts

    Throughout the year, DP&L customers often find inserts in their monthly bills, including information on DP&L programs, cost-saving tips and DP&L's commitment to the environment.

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