When comparing electric generation suppliers you need to know the Annual Price-to-Compare and the Average Annual Cost (cents per kilowatt hour or kWh for short) that a supplier must beat (compared to DP&L's standard offer rate) in order for you to save money. In other words, the Annual Price-to-Compare is the amount that you no longer have to pay to DP&L when you choose an alternate electric generation supplier.

For example:
If the annual charges that you avoid paying to DP&L when you choose an alternate generation supplier are $500, the supplier’s annual charges must be less than $500 in order for you to save money on your electric bill.

Residential Customers

If you are a residential customer, you will find your Price-to-Compare in the bill message on your monthly DP&L bill. If you are comparing electric generation suppliers on price, paying a lower price in cents per kWh should result in a lower electric bill. However, suppliers may charge other fees and all costs should be considered before choosing a supplier (Read What to Consider).

In order to compare the estimated annual costs you would pay an alternate electric generation supplier, determine your annual usage for the last 12 months (shown on your DP&L bill) and multiply this by the supplier’s price (cents/kWh).

Business Customers

If you are a business customer, you can use the Price-to-Compare Calculator. The Price-to-Compare also converts this amount into an average rate or cents/kWh amount.

Download Price-to-Compare Calculator

You will need the following information* from your bill to use the calculator:

  • Rate Number
  • Billing Demand (kW)
  • Billed kVar (if applicable)
  • Kilowatt Hour Usage (kWh)

Here's where you can find this information on your bill:

DP&L C&I bill example

* To get a more accurate Price-to-Compare it is suggested that you input information for the most recent 12 months instead of just one, to take into account seasonal variations.

Page last updated June 1, 2018.