If you shop for an alternative electric generation supplier, price will be one important consideration. How suppliers determine their prices may vary by company and this could affect what you actually pay for your electric generation service. Contract length and details, such as switching fees, are also important topics which could affect your decision. You must decide what is most important to you.


Below are some suggested questions you may want to ask the generation suppliers you are considering:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • What source does the supplier use to generate electricity?
    • What kinds of by-products are produced?
  • Have there been complaints filed about the supplier with the PUCO?
  • Contracts:
    • What are the contract terms? Must I sign a multiple-year contract?
    • How does the contract renew?
    • Will I receive 2 bills per month – 1 from the supplier and 1 from DP&L?
    • Do you supply a summary bill for Business Customers with more than 1 account?
  • Termination Fees:
    • Is there a penalty/termination fee if I decide to cancel service before my contract expires?
    • What is the termination fee if I switch to another provider before my contract expires?
    • Please show me on your contract where it states what the termination fee will be, or that there is not a fee.
  • Price:
    • What is the supplier’s total price? (you will compare this with your Price-to-Compare - read Comparing Energy Prices.)
    • To what portion of the electric bill does the discount or new rate apply?
    • Are the projected savings calculations included in the offer correct?
    • Are the savings guaranteed?
    • Is there a fixed price for the entire contract?
    • What happens to the price at the end of the contract?
    • Does the price fluctuate during different times of the day or year?
    • Does the price fluctuate depending upon how much energy I use in a certain time period?
    • Are there any fees which could affect my overall cost?
    • Are there any built-in price increases or decreases?
    • Are there minimum payment requirements?
    • Are there budget plans?
    • How can I pay my bill?

Business Customers with a 200 kW or higher demand during the last twelve months

Interval meters are required for any account that has a demand of 200 kW or higher during the last twelve months, which is switched to an alternate supplier. You must have a signed and completed interval meter request to DP&L before you can switch to an alternate supplier. You need to coordinate this requirement with the supplier; otherwise, your enrollment could be delayed. We suggest you ask your supplier the following questions about your interval meter:

  • Will I have to pay for the meter?
  • How much are the meter charges?
  • Are there any cellular options for reading the meter, or do I need to provide a dedicated analog line?
  • What are the charges to manually read my meter if the telephone line is not ready?
  • How long do I have to get the telephone line ready for DP&L?