5 useful resources to help with winter electricity bills

As the temperature drops, your energy bill can rise due to higher usage. Heating and cooling make up more than half of your home’s energy usage, so taking simple steps to save energy can make a difference on your bill.

Customers with electric heat will see the largest increase, but natural gas heat customers can also see an increase due to the electric starter and fan on their furnaces.

There are many other factors that can influence electric consumption, such as winter school break (think more laundry, lights on, gaming, TV streaming, in and out traffic), holiday lights and entertaining guests.


5 Useful Resources to Help with Winter Electricity Bills

1. Budget Billing

Take the surprise out of your DP&L bill by paying the same amount each month. We'll "settle up" in August - your August bill will reflect a credit or balance due. Beacuse when you know what to expect, it's easier to plan your budget. Learn more.

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2. Be a Savings Champion

DP&L offers tips and programs to help you reduce your energy usage and save on your electric bill. Taking simple steps today, like managing your thermostat, can make a difference on your bill.

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3. Pay Agreements

If you have a past due balance, DP&L offers Pay Agreements to help you get caught up. We offer three options to help spread the costs of past due bills. Learn more.

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4. Payment Assistance

The State of Ohio offers assistance programs based on household income. Learn more.

Medical assistance is available if a permanent member of your household receives care for a serious medical condition, and you need help paying your energy bill, you may qualify for special assistance. Learn more.

The United Way's HelpLink is available by calling 2-1-1. Connect with a live person 24 hours a day who can help you navigate community resources that may be able to assist. Learn more.

5. Gift of Power

Gift of Power is DP&L's one-time emergency relief fund for customers who suffer hardship and need assistance with winter heating bills. The program is administered by The Salvation Army. Customers who have received a disconnection notice can apply for 2019 assistance beginning January 22.

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