Effective January 2014, DP&L’s bill format was modified per PUCO approval of DP&L’s Electric Security Plan. As a result, a new section entitled Nonbypassable Charge was placed on your bill. Prior to January 2014, this section was labeled "Generation Rider." Both sections contain the nonbypassable charges, meaning charges that are assessed on all customers even those that are taking generation service from a supplier other than DP&L. This change was made in order to more clearly show the charges DP&L will continue to bill to customers taking service from suppliers other than DP&L. This change will also allow a standard service offer customer to more easily identify their respective price-to-compare for evaluating supplier offers, which includes the Generation Charge and Transmission Charge.

Effective January 2014, the Nonbypassable Charge section now includes two riders: the Transmission Cost Recovery Rider-Nonbypassable (TCRR-N) and the Service Stability Rider. For standard service offer customers, the TCRR-N was previously collected through the Transmission Charge section of your bill. This charge has simply moved from one section of your bill to another. For shopping customers, the supplier previously collected the charge related to the TCRR-N. As a result of the PUCO’s approval of DP&L’s ESP, DP&L will now collect this portion of transmission charges directly from customers. Customers are encouraged to contact their supplier to see if their supplier charges will be reduced because of this change. You can view and find more details on the specific Tariffs here.