Your DP&L bill consists of various tariffed riders and charges that are summed into a few categories. This bill calculation spreadsheet will help residential customers see how all of the riders and charges add up on your total bill.

Download the Current DP&L Residential Bill Calculation Spreadsheet


Access past residential calculations here.

Using the spreadsheet

To use the spreadsheet, you will need to enter information from your current residential DP&L bill. Here's a sample diagram showing where to find the information:

helper bill screenshot


For questions about billing terms, please read Understanding Your Bill.

Disclaimer: DP&L rates change frequently. This spreadsheet contains current rates and is only to be used for your current bill. Please check back periodically for the most current information. Budget bill, PIPP, and pay agreements are not reflected in this tool. This calculator was created to be compatible with Microsoft Excel. Results may vary with alternate spreadsheet applications. If you do not have Microsoft Excel, please download the PDF bill calculator guides below. Sample data is included.

Page last updated June 1, 2019