When you sign up for Summary Billing from DP&L, you’ll receive one bill with the information for all of your accounts itemized. And you only make one payment.

This service, free through DP&L, means you can eliminate receiving multiple bills and making multiple payments throughout the month. You’ll also minimize administrative time and costs while reducing and simplifying paperwork.

Who Can Benefit from Summary Billing

Summary billing is available to DP&L Business Customers who have multiple billing accounts and consistently pay their bills on time.

Some accounts may not be eligible for summary billing. Please follow the steps outlined below to request Summary Billing, and we will help you consolidate your eligible accounts.

Once you receive your first Summary Bill, make all payments for those accounts on the new summary account only.

Your Summary Bill

Every month, you will receive one Summary Bill along with the individual bills for each account. Your meter readings will remain on the same schedule they were on before you enrolled in Summary Billing. You use the total on the Summary Bill to make one payment for all of your individual accounts.

Use E-Bill and MyDP&L to Pay Online Quickly and Easily

You can use E-Bill and MyDP&L to receive an electronic version of your monthly summarized bill and to make payments. This will also include each individual bill for your records. You won’t have to wait for your bill to be mailed -- and with one central MyDP&L profile, multiple people in your office can access the summary bill and make payments.

To make it easier to view your Summary Bill account balance on MyDP&L, be sure the make your summary account the default account, so it appears on your Account Summary page when you sign in. You can select your default account on the Manage Profile page after you sign in.

Request Summary Billing

Email us or call 937-331-4421 and include the following information:

  • A list of all DP&L account numbers that you want included in Summary Billing
  • Your full contact information, including name, phone number and email address
  • The mailing address to send the Summary Bills

You will be notified regarding your eligibility for Summary Billing. Once you receive your first Summary Bill, make all payments on the new account only.

Add or Remove Individual Accounts

If you need to add or remove individual accounts from the bill, email us with the individual account information.