It takes a lot of equipment and people to power our lives every second of every day. Your electric service is regulated by the State of Ohio to make sure your rates are fair and DP&L can continue providing you with reliable service. Ohio requires us to provide your pricing and terms of service in the form of tariffs. Tariffs are simply the stated price and terms for your electric service.

Which Tariffs Apply to Me?

Tariffs regarding terms of service such as metering and billing apply to everyone, while tariffs containing pricing are unique to you. Multiple tariffs make up your bill each month. You can use your rate number (found on your monthly bill) to find out which tariffs apply to you and calculate your bill by referencing your tariffs.*

See the list of rate numbers and associated tariffs.

See all tariffs.

* If you receive your electric generation from an Alternative Generation Supplier, you are not charged bypassable fees noted in the tariffs. Instead, you are charged similar fees by the Alternative Generation Supplier. Learn more about Alternative Generation Suppliers and Ohio Electric Choice.