Review what damages DP&L will not cover.

See the list of non-covered damages.

Print, complete and sign a claim form.

The form must be signed by the person filing the claim. Include supporting documents, such as sales receipts, estimates, and invoices when submitting a claim for more than $50. Download the form.

Mail or fax the claim form to:

The Dayton Power and Light Company
Attn: Claims Administration
P.O. Box 341088
Dayton, OH 45434


Fax Number: 937-259-7178


Upon receipt of your signed claim form, a DP&L representative will review the matter. Claims are reviewed in the order in which they are received. At the conclusion of the review, you will be contacted by phone or in writing with the results. If a claim is denied, a reason will be provided.


Email us questions or contact Claims Administration at 937-259-7102.

Please note, if you feel you have suffered a loss related to:

  • Tree Trimming: Call Line Clearance 888-582-3213
  • Disconnecting or Reconnecting Service: Call Customer Service 800-433-8500