New Construction Projects

If you're undertaking any type of new construction in the Miami Valley, call our Construction Control Center at 800-424-5578.

Get Your Construction Forms

General Information, Packets & Forms

  • Electric Service Handbook - general information about routine electric service and equipment installation to new and remodeled buildings.
  • Business/Non-Residential Packet - information needed to obtain your new electric service or change your electric service  (e.g., service upgrade, relocation of electric lines, etc.) for Non-Residential meters including those for barns, garages, sheds and more.
  • Residential Packet  - describes what is required to construct your new electric service and will guide you through the construction process for your home.
  • Temporary Service Packet - what is required to construct your new, temporary electric service. Temporary service can cover 12 or less months.
  • Arc Flash Packet
  • Meter Socket List - approved meter sockets and requirements for DP&L meters.
  • Night Light Form

For Developers

How to Submit a Form

  • Email Us OR
  • Mail completed forms to the mailing address listed on each form.

Call Before You Dig

If you don't know where your electrical, gas and other utility lines are, call the Ohio Utility Protection Service (OUPS) at 800-362-2764 at least 2 business days before you start any kind of digging or construction on your property. OUPS will mark the location of underground utility lines for you. If you do not complete your digging or construction project within 10 business days after the initial marking, you will need to call back to have the utility lines remarked for verification.