Competitive Retail Electric Service Providers

Customers can obtain a list of competitive retail electric service providers by contacting DP&L at 800-929-8646 or see the list online. Customers may also visit the PUCO's Apples to Apples website to view and compare their available offers. 

Alternative Supplier Default, Switching Cost

Customers returning to DP&L’s standard offer due to default, abandonment, slamming or certification rescission of an alternative generation supplier will not be liable for costs associated with the switch.

Cancellation Rights

If a change in generation supplier is initiated for a residential customer or small commercial customer, DP&L will send a notice confirming the change. The customer has a right to cancel any change in supplier within seven calendar days after the notice has been sent by calling DP&L at the telephone number on the notice.

In the Event of Slamming

If a customer’s electric bill reflects a supplier not chosen by the customer, the customer should call the PUCO to initiate a slamming investigation. If the PUCO determines that the customer’s service was changed without authorization:

  • the customer will be switched back to their previous supplier without charge to the customer.
  • the customer’s account will be credited for any switching fees resulting from the customer being switched without proper authorization.
  • the customer will be credited or reimbursed for any charges in excess of what the customer would have paid absent the unauthorized change in electric service provider, excluding distribution charges.

If a customer participates in government aggregation, the customer’s generation and/or transmission supplier will be different than DP&L. In this case, the customer would have been switched by their local government unless that customer affirmatively “opted-out” of the program.


DP&L treats customer information with confidentiality. We will not disclose a customer’s account number, social security number or customer energy usage data that is more granular than monthly historical usage data without the customer’s written consent. The only exceptions are consumer credit evaluation, collection and credit reporting, alternative supplier credit and collections, participants in programs funded by the universal service fund, such as PIPPPLUS, governmental aggregation and as ordered by the PUCO, another government agency or the courts. The PUCO is not prohibited from accessing records or business activities that would allow it to effectively monitor customer calls to DP&L’s call center.

Protecting Your Account Information

As a part of Ohio Electric Choice, DP&L is required to include your name, address, and usage information on a list of eligible customers that is made available to other electric service providers. You can remove your name from this list online when you sign into MyDP&L, or by calling DP&L and selecting Electric Choice options.