If you’re new to the area, call us to establish service. Our customer representatives will ask your name, the address where you wish to establish service and your telephone number. If a customer fails to establish credit worthiness, we have to ask for a security deposit to ensure that unpaid bills do not become a burden for all customers. The deposit is usually a little more than the average monthly bill. If you maintain a good payment record for one year (two years for nonresidential accounts), the full deposit amount plus interest will be credited to your account. A guarantor may be provided instead of a deposit. The customer of record is responsible for paying the DP&L bill. Call us at least three working days in advance if you need to disconnect or transfer service.

Installation of Service

If you are planning to build a new home, contact us at least two months before you need electric service. We’ll send out a DP&L representative to your site and conduct an electric survey. Our representative will let you know what you need to do to get your service installed.

Disconnection and Reconnection of Service

There are certain situations that may cause DP&L to disconnect a customer’s service. Some of these include disconnection at the customer’s request; fraud, loss or damage; danger; and non-payment.

To have service restored because of non-payment requires payment of the past due amount or any previous pay agreement plus reconnection charge(s). A security deposit or guarantor will be required if no paid deposit or guarantor exists on your account.

Service reconnections are performed on normal business days, Monday-Friday. To reconnect on the same day of your request, you need to pay the full amount due by 3 p.m. that day. You must call the Customer Solutions Center to notify DP&L that you’ve made the payment and are ready to reconnect. If we receive your call notifying us of payment after 3 p.m. Monday - Friday, we will not be able to reconnect your service until the next business day.

For safety reasons, we recommend that a responsible adult be home when your service is reconnected. If this is not possible, we can reconnect service only if all breakers are off or fuses are pulled. For your safety, you should turn off all appliances in your home prior to reconnection.

Material Changes in Customer Equipment

Call DP&L as soon as you know that you will need a change in your equipment or in our facilities that serve you. You may be responsible for charges associated with changing the equipment. Some examples of material changes in customer equipment include: upgrading your service, adding three-phase service, relocating facilities and adding facilities.


Your Meter

Meter Installations

DP&L will install one meter and metering equipment for each customer premise. Contact DP&L as soon as you know that you need a meter installation. Meters we install remain our property. There may be charges that you will be responsible for.

Meter Testing

Periodically, we test meters to ensure their accuracy. We may need to gain access to the meter to conduct this testing. Customers may request that their meter be tested, free of charge, once in a 36-month period. For each additional test within 36 months, there may be a charge for the test unless the meter proves to be faulty.

Meter Reading

DP&L is required to obtain an actual meter reading when you initiate or terminate electric service if the meter has not been read within the preceding 60 days. If the meter has not been read within the preceding 33 to 59 days, you have the option to have an actual meter read at no charge. Customers may also request two actual reads per calendar year, at no charge, if the customer’s usage has been estimated for more than two of the preceding, consecutive billing cycles or there are reasonable grounds to believe the meter is malfunctioning.

Our Employees Carry ID

All of our employees carry photo identification cards. If you aren’t sure if the meter reader or service person is a DP&L employee, ask them to present identification and state the reason for the visit. If you’re still not sure, call us before allowing the person into your home.

Call Before You Dig


At least 48 hours before you start any kind of digging or construction on your property, call the Ohio Utility Protection Service (OUPS) to check the location of underground utility lines.