Getting Your House Ready – Call Us!

Before you clear a space in your garage, we want to get our equipment ready for your new car.

Please call DP&L’s Construction Control Center at 800-253-5801 two weeks before your purchase of a plug-in electric vehicle. We will review the electric system around your home or business and determine if any changes are necessary.

For convenient and better charging, consider hiring a qualified electrician to install a 240 volt outlet in your garage. This is the same kind of higher voltage outlet you might have for your electric dryer, range or other high current appliance. DP&L strongly encourages all customers to have a qualified electrician inspect your home or business to determine if your electric panel, breakers, wiring and outlet are able to handle charging an electric vehicle.

Is There Enough Power for My Car?

There should be, but we need to check our equipment to make sure. Electric industry studies in the United States showed that the nation as a whole should be able to handle electric vehicles, if they are charged “off peak,” which generally is during the night. DP&L also has ample power available on our system for electrical vehicle charging.

We do need to make sure our equipment in your neighborhood is ready for your new car and changing power needs. We’ll check that the additional electrical demand from you or your neighbors doesn’t cause power problems. As long as you call DP&L’s Construction Control Center two weeks before your purchase, we can make the necessary review and replace any of our equipment outside of your home to meet your new energy needs.

When To Charge/Plug-in Your Car

The best time to charge your car is when everyone else is using less energy. Overnight is recommended for charging your vehicle. You should especially avoid charging your car on hot, humid summer afternoons and evenings when fans and air conditioners are running continuously.