How does Electricity Move?

Electricity flows in a current through a wire like water flows through a hose. A small amount of electrical current can be carried by a thin wire but a large amount of current requires a heavier wire.

Types of Current

  • Direct Current (DC) is produced when electricity flows in only one direction.
  • Alternating Current (AC) is produced when electricity regularly changes direction and intensity.

What is Voltage?

Voltage pushes the current through the wire like pressure pushes water through a hose. A typical home voltage is 120.

Why don’t Birds get Electrocuted when they sit on Electrical Wires?

An electrical current must flow through a complete circuit or loop. If your body is part of the circuit, you will get a shock.

Birds don’t get electrocuted because they are perched on one wire and a circuit is not completed. If the bird touches another wire or the cross member of the pole at the same time it would complete a circuit and the bird would be electrocuted.