DP&L is here for you with tips to keep your cool, keep energy costs low and keep your family safe this summer.

Sunshine and summer events make the Miami Valley a great place to be in the summer. As temps rise, we can help you keep your electric bill low with free and low cost tips, and discounts and rebates to help you save money on larger energy-saving investments.

DP&L offers payment assistance programs for customers to help manage their electric bills. One option available to all customers is budget billing. Take the surprise out of your electric bill by paying the same amount each month, based on your home or business' historical usage. We'll provide a running balance on your electric bill each month, and make adjustments twice a year (in August, and after the winter heating season), if necessary.

Summer Safety

If you're working on landscaping or other home improvements, it's critical to be safe around electricity and DP&L equipment. We offer landscaping information as guidance when planting near DP&L equipment. We also encourage you to think Right Tree, Right Place before planting trees near overhead power lines. 

The summer season can also bring severe weather to West Central Ohio. It's important to create a storm plan and prepare a kit in case of power outages. If you do experience an outage, please report it to DP&L, and keep your family safe with more tips below. 


Summer Tips

  • Hot Weather Tips

    Hot Weather Tips

    Hot weather doesn't have to mean a big bill. Stay cool for less with our tips to save energy in hot weather.

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  • Heating & Cooling Rebates for Your Home

    Save $100 to $1,000 on a new unit. And save on your energy bill.

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  • Budget Billing

    Get rid of summer and winter peaks in your bill and gain the stability of paying the same amount each month.

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  • What To Do If You See a Downed Power Line

    DP&L's top priority is the safety of our customers and our crews, especially when power lines are down.

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  • Before an Outage

    Tips for weathering the storm before a power outage.

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  • During an Outage

    Tips for weathering the storm during a power outage.

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  • After an Outage

    Tips for weathering the storm after a power outage.

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  • Generator Safety

    Provide ample ventilation and ensure plenty of distance from your home or office building when using generators.

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  • Keeping Gadgets Charged During a Power Outage

    Major storms have caused many people to search for new ways to keep devices like tablets or cell phones charged up when extreme weather causes extended electricity outages. Check out our tips.

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  • Electric Safety

    Whether you're at home or work, it's important to think safety first when it comes to electricity.

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  • Tree Trimming

    When unplanned tree trimming is necessary during a storm or outage situation, DP&L crews do not remove the debris. In these situations, call your community's public works department, private trash collectors or a professional tree-removal service for advice regarding the disposal of brush and other debris.

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  • Landscaping 101

    Plant smart with utilities in mind.

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  • Trees in the Miami Valley

    Trees near power lines are a common cause of power outages. With a little planning and seasonal maintenance, trees and power lines can safely co-exist.

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