Increasing your energy efficiency is a great way to control costs. But where do you start and what are the most cost-effective investments? That’s where DP&L's Energy Audits can help.

DP&L Commercial, Industrial and Government customers can work with a qualified audit firm to conduct a comprehensive energy analysis of your facilities, examining everything from lighting to HVAC to building controls. The end result is an understanding of how energy is being used, the potential savings and a list of prioritized projects that have the most attractive paybacks.

DP&L Rebates Up To 100% of the Audit Cost

Once the energy audit has been completed, DP&L will reimburse you 50% of the cost of the audit. We will pay the remaining 50% if you implement identified electricity-saving projects qualifying for DP&L rebates within 1 year of the audit, and the amount of your investment is equal to or greater than the cost of the audit.

Rebates will be based on the final cost of the audit and will be capped as follows:

Customer Usage (kWh) Max Audit Cost*
Up to 500,000 $1,750
500,001-2,000,000 $3,750
2,000,001 and greater $5,000

*Max audit cost will be net of any outside funding received and in no case will the DP&L reimbursement exceed the customer's final out-of-pocket costs.


  1. 50% of the audit cost at receipt of the Energy Audit Report by DP&L
  2. 50% of the audit cost upon customer installation of recommended measures:
    • Qualifying for DP&L rebate program
    • Exceeding the cost of the audit, and
    • Purchased within 1 year of the audit application date.

Save Even More With Additional DP&L Rebates

After the audit is complete, many, if not all, of the identified electricity-saving projects may be eligible for additional DP&L rebates. This makes investing in energy efficiency even more cost effective.

Eligibility, Terms and Conditions

  1. The program is limited to commercial, industrial and local government accounts. Eligible facilities must receive electric distribution service from DP&L. Federal and state-owned facilities are not eligible for participation.
  2. Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served and case-by-case basis, until program funds are exhausted. DP&L reserves the right to withhold funds until all program requirements are met. The reservation of funds does not guarantee payment. If the energy audit is not performed within 6 months of the application approval, DP&L reserves the right to discontinue the reservation of all incentive funds for the project. Extensions may be granted on a case-by-case basis.
  3. A commercial, industrial or government entity may have up to three facility energy audits per calendar year. Any given facility is limited to one DP&L program audit every 5 years.
  4. Buildings intended for residential use are not eligible for program incentives.
  5. Audit work related to the feasibility or study of alternative generation, including renewable generation, is not eligible for program incentives.
  6. Rebates may be subject to federal and/or state income tax reporting. DP&L is not responsible for any taxes that may be incurred.
  7. DP&L does not guarantee energy savings and does not make any warranties associated with the audit. Furthermore, only the customer can judge the overall feasibility and benefit to its business of the audit and identified energy projects.
  8. DP&L respects the privacy of its customers, but cannot guarantee the confidentiality of information provided.
  9. Customers in arrears on their DP&L billings at the time that the rebate payment is scheduled to take place will not be eligible for a cash payment. These rebates instead will be distributed to the customer as a credit to their DP&L account. Customers will be notified of this situation prior to receiving payment.

*Complete terms and conditions are listed on the application form.

Application Process

  1. Complete the DP&L Business Energy Audit Application Form and a Facility Data Form for each facility you plan to audit.
  2. Submit the Firm Selection Form and proposal to DP&L for approval. DP&L will review the selected proposal to confirm the audit qualifies for a DP&L rebate and notify you regarding our approval decision. The selected firm must be able to deliver a "Targeted" ASHRAE Level 1 audit by a Registered Professional Engineer or a Certified Energy Manager. 
  3. Upon DP&L approval, proceed with the audit. Audits that are performed before DP&L approval will not be eligible for incentives.
  4. Complete your audit within 6 months of application approval and submit the Incentive Request Form and invoice to DP&L. Assuming the audit report is consistent with the vendor’s proposal, DP&L will provide a rebate equaling 50% of the audit cost. Audit incentives will be paid directly to the customer and cannot be assigned to the auditing firm. If audits cannot be performed within 6 months, extensions may be granted on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Within 1 year of the audit report being issued, complete and submit the Measures Implemented Form. The form must show investment in electric efficiency projects which, at a minimum, equal the total cost of the audit. Investment credit measures are those that qualify for DP&L rebates. If these requirements are met, DP&L will rebate the remaining 50% of the audit cost. Measures that were purchased prior to audit report delivery will not be eligible for total investment credit. 
  6.  Audit work related to the feasibility or study of alternative generation, including renewable generation, is not eligible for program incentives.

Page last updated January 1, 2017.