Beavercreek Schools earned nearly $500,000 energy efficiency rebate from DP&L

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New construction called for energy efficient HVAC and lighting

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The Beavercreek City School District had received energy efficiency rebates from Dayton Power and Light for improvements to its older buildings, but the check for planning energy efficiency into construction of its new schools was a record-setter.

Before receiving the rebate of $492,051 in March of 2014, the Greene County school district of 7,600 students had already received $82,568 in energy efficiency rebates for improving existing buildings.

But when they decided to build two new schools under a single roof, district officials knew they wanted to make energy efficiency the norm. Trebein Elementary and Coy Middle School is constructed using insulated concrete forms – a system of rigid, interlocking foam blocks that are reinforced with steel and filled with concrete. These forms give walls a high thermal resistance value and the insulation reduces heat loss for additional energy savings. The schools also share a closed loop geothermal heating and cooling system that is far more efficient than conventional HVAC systems.

Beavercreek Schools energy efficient facility

Roof monitors, solar tubes and large windows positioned high on classroom walls maximize the natural daylight for the schools. Artificial lights include high-efficiency fluorescent and LED while occupancy sensors adjust to the amount of natural daylight in a classroom and turn lights off or on, depending on whether there are people in a room.

“Efficient operation of these schools over time was a priority for us and for Beavercreek School District residents,” said Superintendent Bill McGlothlin, Ed.D. So in 2011, district officials applied for a New Construction Rebate from DP&L before the project got underway.

DP&L’s New Construction Rebate Program encourages building owners to utilize energy efficient design strategies that surpass standard building codes. Projects must achieve annual electric savings of 5% or higher than a building designed to meet code.

As part of the process, the school district had to commission an energy model to estimate its potential savings. Based on a previous experience with another school district, DP&L estimated the school district would receive a rebate of nearly $200,000. When the actual energy model and site audit was completed, Beavercreek Schools learned it was actually eligible for a rebate of $492,051 with annual electric savings of $150,000!

The schools opened to students in August 2013. DP&L presented the check to the school district on March 5, 2014.