Facility Type

179,000-square-foot Warehouse

Installed Equipment


DP&L Rebate

$24,217 + $37,700 tax credit

Expected Annual Electricity Savings



Cut from 42 months to 34 months with DP&L’s rebates

When the ITW Food Equipment Group Hobart/Vulcan facility in Troy wanted to make a difference as part of its “Go Green” business philosophy, they got an idea – and it wasn’t an old-fashioned incandescent light bulb that lit up over their heads.

Because its “Go Green” business philosophy is “to become a more sustainable and environmentally responsible company,” the company wanted to improve the lighting at its facility at 750 Lincoln Avenue.

By upgrading its lighting, the company not only meets its environmental business philosophy, but the updates are generating more green for the company’s bottom line through tax credits, utility rebates and reduced electrical costs.

Businesses like Hobart/Vulcan and others around the Miami Valley are saving thousands of dollars and improving their lighting quality by upgrading their facilities with new energy efficient lighting. And Dayton Power & Light’s rebates help them save even more.

Lighting typically uses 40-50% of the electricity costs in commercial buildings. So upgrading lighting can help any business cut costs, whether it is a 100,000 square foot warehouse or 1,000 square feet of office space.

After a lighting upgrade, businesses which get electrical service from DP&L are eligible for DP&L’s energy rebates. For the Hobart/Vulcan lighting upgrade, the company replaced 1,078 fixtures with new ballasts and 28w/32wT8 bulbs and lighting sensors throughout the 179,000-square-foot facility. Some of the fixtures replaced were 60 to70 years old. The sensors were installed so that if employees are not using the space, the lights go out.

Before the upgrade, the lighting power density was 1.96 watts/square foot. The lighting upgrade reduced the lighting density by 74% (down to .051 watts/square foot) yet still provided the company with brighter illumination.

“Of course, it improves working conditions for hourly employees because they have better lighting,” said Robert Freese, facilities manager. “Better light means safer working conditions.”

After DP&L conducted a facility audit confirming the upgrade, Hobart/Vulcan received a rebate check for $24,217.

The energy efficient lighting also qualified the company for a one-time estimated tax credit of at least $37,700.

“I can see where our usages are going down and getting better than what they have been,” said Freese.

Freese and Financial Analyst John Wehrman said businesses making this kind of investment should also seek the best vendor as a partner to make sure they are getting the best information about rebates, energy savings and proper materials.

Wehrman said DP&L’s Mark Dancer, business program manager, answered all their questions.

“I was really skeptical we could spend that kind of money and get that quick of a payback,” Wehrman said.