Our Rapid Rebate Program covers common energy- and demand-saving equipment for your business. For special equipment needs, there are Custom Rebates.

Only DP&L Business and Government Customers are eligible for Custom Rebates. There is no limit on the number of applications that can be submitted, but we ask that you try to consolidate applications whenever possible.

Eligibility Requirements

All custom rebate applications must be submitted in advance, before existing equipment is removed so we can verify your energy baseline. Custom projects that are not pre-approved will be ineligible for a rebate.

To be eligible for a Custom Rebate, your project must:

  • Be any of the following project types:
    • An energy efficiency measure added to an existing system.
    • Early retirement of equipment and replacement with more efficient equipment.
    • Replacement of failed equipment or equipment at the end of its useful life with more efficient equipment.
  • Use electricity as the fuel source and be installed in the DP&L service area.
  • Be comprised of new equipment purchased from a manufacturer, distributor or contractor.
  • Exceed minimum federal- and state-mandated efficiency standards.
  • Have a maximum payback based on electricity cost savings of 7 years and demonstrate permanency or sustainability of savings over the payback period or a 5 year period, whichever is longer. See Custom Rebate Amounts to calculate your payback.
  • Not circumvent any requirements of the Rapid Rebate program.
  • Combined Heat & Power projects have a separate application process. Learn more here.

Additional reasons DP&L will not provide a Custom Rebate:

  • If the measures are installed with funding from another utility incentive program.
  • If the equipment, when installed, results in a net increase in energy consumption or demand due to a negative effect on other systems.
  • If the project will create on-site electricity generation, including switching to renewables or other fuel types.
  • Projects where the energy savings result from reduced production or equipment retirement.
  • Changes in operational and/or maintenance practices or simple control modifications not involving capital costs.
  • Projects that increase a customer's peak demand.

Application Instructions and Process

Before you get started, you will need the following information:

  1. Your DP&L account number
  2. A full description of the energy-efficient measures you are planning to install, the cost, life expectancy and operating hours
  3. For each measure, the baseline and new kWh and kW

Please review the eligibility requirements before completing the application. When applying for a rebate, please follow the process below:

  1. Complete the online application and submit it for review. Please include the following documentation:
    • A description of the affected facility (e.g. building type, facility size, major activities performed).
    • A detailed cost estimate reflecting the costs of purchasing and installing the energy-savings measure (including all materials, labor and equipment discounts). Do not include or factor into your calculations project design costs, energy audit costs, equipment disposal costs, costs incurred from equipment downtime, warranty costs and any other costs not related to the equipment purchase or the installation of the equipment. Rebates will be based on the final cost of the project, and will be limited to 100% of the incremental cost and 50% of the total project cost.
    • Supporting documentation showing any diagrams, schematics, or other design documents of the before and after state of the system(s). Supporting documentation may be mailed, faxed, emailed or uploaded.
    • A full description of how the energy and demand savings were calculated. Please include formulas and any assumptions that were made. Use rated performance factors from ARI, ANSI, ASTM, ASHRAE or other recognized organizations when possible. It is up to you to present a convincing case for how energy savings should be estimated.
  2. DP&L reviews the application and verifies the information provided. We reserve the right to conduct an audit of your existing equipment and/or the facility in order to calculate energy usage baseline data.
  3. DP&L approves or denies the application. If the application is approved, your funds will be reserved.
  4. You provide us with proof of purchase or intent to purchase within 60 days of application submission. This may come in the form of an invoice, purchase order or other supporting document.
  5. You complete your project installation within 120 days of application submission and notify us. You must provide a final, itemized invoice reflecting the true costs of purchasing and installing the energy-savings measure (including all materials, labor, and equipment discounts) as well as equipment serial numbers. If the installation does not occur within 120 days, you must request an extension. Extension approvals will be granted on a case-by-case basis.
  6. DP&L reserves the right to inspect the system(s) prior to releasing any funds to ensure compliance with the program Terms and Conditions.

Page last udated: January 1, 2017.