Bulb Name Use to Replace

An incandescent in a fixture that may hide the bulb.
For enclosed fixtures, look for CFLs that are rated for "enclosed fixtures."

R30 Reflectors
In a recessed can.

R40 Reflector
In a recessed can and in the bathroom.

PAR38 Reflector
An outdoor floodlight.
Be careful not to use in conjunction with a motion sensor or photo cell.

In areas where the bulb is visible or any downward facing socket.
This is the most aesthetically pleasing CFL when compared with an incandescent bulb.

A decorative incandescent.

Dimmable Twist
In dimmable fixtures.
Be careful to only use dimmable CFLs in dimming circuits that state they are rated "dimmable."

In areas where the bulb is visible, like a bath bar or any downward facing socket.